The advancement of technology as a manifestation of the development of the modern world drives the demands of the community for a school that is responsive to such progress. PPPK Petra Christian Elementary School is aware of these demands.

The highest quality of education

Nationally and globally minded

Developing students' intellectual capacities based on the Bible

PPPK Petra Christian Elementary School also provides opportunities for students to be creative and develop their ability to convey ideas and information. In the implementation of both formal and non-formal learning, PPPK Petra Christian Elementary School also fosters discipline and independence among students through extracurricular activities or activities outside of school. Students are also capable of developing good communication skills by using Indonesian, Mandarin, and English languages.


Jalan W.R. Supratman No. 46, Surabaya 60264
Phone. (031) 5678624, WA. 082139255870

Jalan Galaxi Klampis Utara No. 1-3, Surabaya 60111
Phone. (031) 5935252, 5992189, WA. 081357639979

Jalan Kalianyar No. 33—41, Surabaya 60273
Phone. (031) 5321383, WA. 085707377998

Jalan Jemur Andayani XVII/2, Surabaya 60236
Phone. (031) 8411134, WA. 083843861147

Jalan Raya Darmo Harapan Blok PF/2, Surabaya 60187
Phone. (031) 7317695, WA. 082121746774

Jalan Dukuh Kupang Timur XII/2, Surabaya 60256
Phone. (031) 5679483, WA. 0895324502821

Jalan Untung Suropati 27A Sidoarjo 61218
Phone. (031) 8924979, WA. 081235533606

Taman Asri Utara No. 59
Pondok Tjandra Indah, Waru, Sidoarjo 61256
Phone. (031) 8664116, WA. 088290012842

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