73 years
working for the nation
for excellent education

The long journey has led us to believe that educational methods must evolve. We are constantly redefining the standards of general education by strengthening our goal of becoming a holistic educational institution.


The holistic education offered by PPPK Petra, supported by Christian faith, helps our students to grow today and tomorrow. We empower our students to achieve extraordinary things.

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Education serves as one of the benchmarks for a nation’s success.

Through continuous education starting from early childhood education to secondary education/vocational education, PPPK Petra strives to provide the best education for your sons and daughters.

PPPK Petra Update

Outstanding Students of the 2023 International Science Olympiad

Outstanding Students in the 2023 National Science Olympiad

Natal PPPK Petra

The Competition and Bazaar of PPPK Petra
Commemorating the 78th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia

At this moment, PPPK Petra is marking the 78th Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence by organizing competitions for students, both from within and outside Petra. The competition event, accompanied by the opening of food bazaar stalls and school exhibition booths, takes place at the Atrium Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC) in Surabaya on August 14, 15, 17, 18, and 19, 2023. The organizing committee comprises SD Kristen Petra 11, SMP Kristen Petra 1, SMP Kristen Petra 2, and SMA Kristen Petra 3, supported by the PPPK Petra Public Relations, Marketing, and Partnership teams.

The Best Adi Wiyata School Award in Surabaya 2023.

The Opening Ceremony for the Academic Year 2023/2024.

The Visits to PPPK Petra

IPEKA Foundation Team, Jakarta

BPK Penabur Foundation Team

National Achievement-Based Selection 2023.

Alam Sari Petra Grand Opening

Alam Sari Petra Surabaya Urban Farm Lab

Prayer Fellowship of the PPPK Petra Family.

PPPK Petra regularly holds Prayer Fellowship (PF) for the family of PPPK Petra. You can access the previous year’s PF at the following link:

Januari 2023

Februari 2023

Maret 2023

Mei 2023

Agustus 2023

September 2023

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We recognize the importance of culture within an organization to achieve the established vision and mission. RAISE plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations across all aspects within PPPK Petra.