Independence Day is a milestone in the nation’s history that we must uphold. Besides safeguarding our independence, as the next generation, we must continue to enrich it by engaging in positive activities that foster national awareness. Therefore, the youth are urged to actively and diligently contribute to this Independence Day.

In this moment, PPPK Petra marks the 78th Independence Day celebration by organizing competitions for students, both from within and outside Petra. The competition event, accompanied by the opening of a food bazaar and school exhibition booths, takes place at the Atrium Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC) Surabaya on August 14, 15, 17, 18, and 19, 2023. The organizing committee includes SD Kristen Petra 11, SMP Kristen Petra 1, SMP Kristen Petra 2, and SMA Kristen Petra 3, supported by the Public Relations, Marketing, and Collaboration teams of PPPK Petra.

SD Kristen Petra 11 serves as the organizing committee for coloring competitions for Kindergarten, collage competitions for Preschool, and a fashion show for Preschool. SMP Kristen Petra 1 is responsible for organizing solo vocal competitions and a fashion show for Elementary School. SMA Kristen Petra 3 oversees solo vocal competitions and modern dance competitions for Junior High School. As for the food bazaar, it is managed alternately by SMP Kristen Petra 1, SMP Kristen Petra 2, and SMA Kristen Petra 3. Six participants or individuals are selected from each competition category to compete for the titles of Champion I to Champion VI.

Throughout the event, there are performances by Petra students, including bands, solo vocals, vocal groups, poetry readings, magic shows, and modern dance or creative dance.

In addition to contributing positively to Independence Day, this event also serves as a promotional platform for PPPK Petra among students and the community, aims to develop students’ creativity, both within and outside Petra, and fosters sportsmanship among students in achieving competition championships.

Coloring Competition – Kindergarten Level
Champion I   :  Josefa Winata
Champion II  :  Syfabella Elvina Queenby
Champion III :  Elvano Damario Nugroho
Champion IV :  Vincent Alfred Sutikno
Champion V  :  Jessica Kylie Wijaya
Champion VI :  Lucia Mriebella Winisono

Fashion Show Competition – Preschool Level
Champion I    :  Brigitta Elena
Champion II   :  Michelle Ticonova Sasongko
Champion III  :  Revarra Alicia Herianto
Champion IV  :  Nattaya Gauri Kwan
Champion V   :  Hosanna Mielin Ambate Ferdinandus
Champion VI  :  Prassana Sean Risdiyanto

Collage Competition – Preschool Level
Champion I    :  Aurelia Clarissa
Champion II   :  Leticia Selina Yang
Champion III  :  Alicia Lovelyn Sanjaya
Champion IV :  Deo Monata Gabe Horas
Champion V   :  Syalomita Dewi L.
Champion VI :  Cello Hartono

Solo Vocal Competition – Elementary School Level
Champion I    :  Stella Gracellyn Sinaga
Champion II   :  Ellie Valencia
Champion III  :  Aiko Tan
Champion IV  :  Fanuel Christian S.
Champion V   :  Marietta Yaphilia
Champion VI  :  Aliya Sashi Kirana

Fashion Show Competition – Elementary School Level
Champion I    :  Nasya Novenia Sung
Champion II   :  Michaela Bellatrix Soputan
Champion III  :  Yerica Stephanie K.
Champion IV  :  Michelle Emanuella Susanto
Champion V   :  Stacey Victoria H.
Champion VI  :  Cheryl Valerie Setyawan

Solo Vocal Competition – Junior High School Level
Champion I    :  Angeline Natalia Tjianbas
Champion II   :  Vanessa Gwen Siswanto
Champion III  :  Laetitia Giselle Idanawang
Champion IV :  Jovan Josse Kudadiri
Champion V   :  Andrea Levina
Champion VI  :  Michelle Felicia Zacharia

Modern Dance Competition – Junior High School Level
Champion I     :  Cielo Renata Barnas, Jovelyn Christabel Sorongan, Jocelyn Arta Wijoyo
Champion II    :  Christabella Gracia, Agnes Kesia Olivia, Carissa Listyarini
Champion III   :  Clara Nathania, Alodia Dengah Sundah, Clarinta Hannah Elvaretta Siregar, Ernestesia Averryl Vallent S., Diana Putri Viola
Champion IV   :  Diyoshe Liem T., Caitlin, Valerie Adelyn Wiyanto, Xarine Fidelia, Yosefani Charlotte
Champion V    :  Michelle Charlene P., Brigitta Cherisse T., Karenza Akiko Abadi
Champion VI   :  Chrismenda Aurel Natania Atmojo, Gabriela Rachel Alexandra, Eufrasia Dwieden Thomas

Hari Ke-1 (14 Agustus 2023)

Hari Ke-2 (15 Agustus 2023)

Hari Ke-3 (17 Agustus 2023)

Hari Ke-4 (18 Agustus 2023)

Hari Ke-5 (19 Agustus 2023)