SMP PPPK Petra, with over fifty years of experience, consistently upholds the spirit of educating and teaching the nation’s generation with high dedication and loyalty. The aim is to nurture individuals who excel intellectually, stand firm in moral and ethical values, and are resilient spiritually.

SMP PPPK Petra upholds a tradition of excellence, particularly in the academic field, and has a highly reputable track record in various competitions or scientific events, both at the regional and national levels.

SMP PPPK Petra continuously enhances its quality through various programs as fundamental elements of education and teaching. This includes improvements in hardware, software, and human resources, as well as school management administration. Various programs for human resource development and educational facilities are consistently implemented in line with the development of PPPK Petra’s specialized curriculum design.


Jalan Mayjend. H.R. Mohamad Kav. 808, Surabaya 60226
Phone. (031) 7311271, WA. 082335309496

Jalan Embong Wungu No. 2, Surabaya 60271
Phone. (031) 5483662, WA. 081331860575

Jalan Manyar Tirtoasri Raya No. 1-3, Surabaya 60116
Phone. (031) 5947898, WA. 085708382000

Jl. Monginsidi No. 100 Sidoarjo – 61218
Phone. (031) 8941914, 8941915, WA. 081358244377

Jalan Jemur Andayani XVII/2, Surabaya 60236
Phone. (031) 8495555, 8410384, WA. 081357453867

Jalan Taman Asri Selatan 101, Pondok Tjandra Indah
Waru Sidoarjo
Phone. (031) 99687980, WA. 0895336388603