Alan Budikusumo Wiratama – Alumni of Petra 3 Christian Senior High School Kalianyar.

” Saya mengajak alumni PPPK Petra untuk bergabung dalam IKAPETRA dan menjadi berkat sesama alumnus PPPK Petra. Terima kasih untuk IKAPETRA, walaupun hanya sesaat menjadi bagian dari PPPK Petra, tetapi perhatian dari teman-teman alumni membuat saya bangga menjadi bagian dari IKAPETRA. ”

Alan Budikusumo Wiratama, Badminton player who won the gold medal in the Men's Singles event at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Champion of the Malaysia Open 1995, Champion of the Indonesia Open 1993, and several others

I am a former badminton athlete from Indonesia. I only spent six months at PPPK Petra before moving to Jakarta to further develop my talent in badminton. Despite the relatively short duration, I found the school to be comfortable for learning, with a pleasant classroom environment. The school is located in a good and comfortable area in the midst of the city. My parents entrusted me to PPPK Petra because Petra is one of the best schools in Surabaya. It is crucial for children to receive education not only in formal subjects but also in terms of creativity and social activities.

With the talent that God has given me, I am grateful to have achieved several accomplishments in badminton, including the gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics in the Men’s Singles category, Champion of the Malaysia Open 1995, Champion of the Indonesia Open 1993, and several others. I retired from the world of badminton after the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Since 2003, my activities have been focused on running a business in sports equipment under the brand ASTEC (Alan Susi Technology).

I maintain relationships with fellow alumni to this day. I hope that fellow alumni can support each other, provide useful information, and maintain good communication. I support IKAPETRA as a channel for communication among PPPK Petra alumni.

I invite PPPK Petra alumni to join IKAPETRA and be a blessing to fellow PPPK Petra alumni. Thanks to IKAPETRA, even though my time at PPPK Petra was brief, the attention from fellow alumni makes me proud to be a part of IKAPETRA.