Ario Karijanto – alumnus of Petra Christian High School Embong Wungu 1965

“Saya mengajak alumni yang ‘fresh graduate’ untuk bisa bergabung dalam IKAPETRA. Kiranya IKAPETRA makin memperkaya networking di antara sekian banyak networking yang sudah ada saat ini.”

Ario Karijanto

I express my gratitude to PPPK Petra for the education provided to all students, the culture of discipline, and the educational atmosphere created in such a way that students feel comfortable pursuing education at PPPK Petra.

Perhaps it is because of one of the factors mentioned above that I now have a family business that has developed significantly in the field of funeral services. From the initial business location at Jalan Dinoyo No. 94-96, Surabaya, I have expanded the business by opening a branch at Ruko Gading Fajar II B6-17, Sidoarjo. One of the principles in our family business is that all members of the company organization (from the highest to the lowest levels) must contribute to maintaining a high-integrity reputation in the eyes of the wider community. This means being active in social activities in non-profit organizations such as hospitals, orphanages, church-related activities (diakonia), and various other associations.

I hope the Alumni Association of PPPK Petra (IKAPETRA) is one of the solutions for alumni scattered around the world to communicate, share experiences, and build strong networks. Amidst the daily busyness, IKAPETRA is the right platform for engaging in social activities that benefit the environment and society. In today’s modern world, networking plays a crucial role. With the help of technology and adequate infrastructure, everyone can create their own network. One of the criteria for entrusting responsibility to someone and their involvement in an organization is having a broad network.

My hope for the IKAPETRA organization and its leaders is to establish good cooperation among alumni, organize social activities beneficial to society, and be a non-political and non-profit organization. I invite fresh graduates to join IKAPETRA. May IKAPETRA enrich networking among the many existing networks.

Success for PPPK Petra and IKAPETRA.