Following AD and PRT PPPK Petra, administrators are elected at the Annual General Meeting of Members. There are at least five elected board members and a maximum of half of the association members. In the new Petra PPPK AD and PRT, which has been in effect since 1987, the management term of office, which was initially two years, has become three years. Especially for daily managers, they can be re-elected for one more time or three more years. 1985-1996, the management structure generally consisted of three chairpersons, three secretaries and two treasurers. The eight board members mentioned above function as day-to-day administrators.

To carry out their duties, the Petra Christian School Board of Trustees consists of daily administrators, school commissions, spiritual and student welfare commissions, property procurement and maintenance commissions, and financial commissions. The school commission itself is divided into:

1. Kindergarten and Elementary School Commission.
2. SMP Commission.
3. High School Commission.
4. SMK Commission.

Hierarchically, the General Meeting of Members is the highest agency and, simultaneously, the most authorized to decide fundamental matters. While operationally, commissions are the spearhead of the role and function of educational institutions in the field.

Meetings are a strategic tool to monitor and control the association’s life cycle. In this case, one can feel the meaning and portion of various meetings, namely:
1. Meetings of the Commissions; held from time to time.
2. Daily Management Meeting; generally twice a month.
3. Plenary Board Meeting; generally once a month.
4. General Meeting of Members.