Ir. Tonny Kusnadi – Alumni of Petra Christian Senior High School Embong Wungu, Class of 1965

“Bangga menjadi alumni PPPK Petra, sukses untuk PPPK Petra”

Ir. Tonny Kusnadi, komisioner BCA

As an alumni of Petra Christian High School (SMA) in PPPK Petra Embong Wungu, graduating in 1965, I acknowledge the excellent education provided. The teachers were highly disciplined and dedicated. I vividly remember one of the teachers, Mr. Ir Lie Tjoan Kwan, who designed the Heroes Monument. During his teaching sessions, from entering the class until the end of the lesson, he continuously wrote on the board with a cigarette hanging from his lips, the ash long and never falling.

The year 1965, the year of my graduation, was the most challenging period. It coincided with the G 30 S events, leading to a change of government. Many friends went to Germany for further studies. I pursued my studies at Unibraw Malang, supported by a scholarship without a bond from Bank Indonesia (as my father worked there). Studying at that time involved mostly Russian books, with no knowledge of computers and the internet. After graduation, I received a job offer from Bank Indonesia, but I declined due to my background as a Mechanical Engineer.

My life journey has been winding, starting from a Salesman, Sales Manager, Executive Manager, General Manager, and finally, a Director in various companies. Since 2003, I have been serving as a Commissioner at BCA Private Bank. I want to share my work experience with younger siblings still striving hard in their studies. Here are some pieces of advice: Firstly, high integrity is crucial in work; one must be diligent, persistent, and not easily discouraged. Avoid being too idealistic, thinking that work must align with your educational background (I rejected the offer from Bank Indonesia but ended up in the banking industry). Don’t look too high (trying to imitate others) because you might stumble, and don’t look down either, as you won’t see opportunities – the ladder to climb up to achieve greater achievements.

In conclusion, as a Petra Alumni, I express gratitude to Petra Christian High School and all the teachers who have taught me. With the existence of IKAPETRA, I pray and hope that Petra School can continue to progress and even go international if necessary. God bless us all.