Lie Swat Hiang – Alumni of Petra Christian Senior High School Embong Wungu 1965

“Keterbukaan dan tata kelola yang baik merupakan salah satu kunci keberhasilan untuk menunjang program-program yang ada pada IKAPETRA. Alumni dapat belajar dari pengalaman alumni PPPK Petra yang telah meraih keberhasilan melalui wadah IKAPETRA.”

Lie Swat Hiang, Business field: Instant seasoning with the brand 'Bamboe'

I remember those times very well; it was indeed a challenging period. Many alumni went abroad for further education, particularly to Germany. Among them, there were those who achieved success in foreign lands, such as Mr. Oei Tien Hay, a radiology specialist with numerous patents for his works. During high school, this mother was known for her intelligence and was a star student in her class. She recalls that during her time at PPPK Petra, there were four classes with a capacity of forty students each. She was particularly impressed by one educator, Mr. Ir. Lie Tjoan Kwan, a math teacher who was skilled, brilliant, and a role model for students. Ir. Lie Tjoan Kwan was one of the architects of the Heroes Monument in Surabaya. She expresses her gratitude to Mr. Suwandi (one of the PPPK Petra administrators), who, at that time, was a German language teacher and provided significant assistance by offering references such as books and folk songs.

She hopes that the quality of education, which has been well-implemented at PPPK Petra, will be maintained while continuing to focus on moral and Christian values, essential for the future generations.

Initially, she, a graduate of Airlangga University, worked as a dentist. Since 1967, together with her family, she ventured into the instant seasoning business with the ‘Bamboe’ brand, which has become well-known among the Indonesian community and Indonesian students studying abroad. She believes that through IKAPETRA, indirect business relations can be established among alumni.

She welcomes the formation of IKAPETRA as an official platform for PPPK Petra alumni. Transparency and good governance are key to the success of supporting IKAPETRA’s programs. Alumni can learn from the experiences of PPPK Petra alumni who have achieved success through the IKAPETRA platform.