Minarti Timur – Alumni of Petra 2 Christian Senior High School, Manyar, Class of 1982

” IKAPETRA bisa menjadikan alumni sebagai motivasi untuk anak-anak yang lebih muda, serta mendorong mereka untuk semakin maju dan berkembang. Jadi, bergabung dalam IKAPETRA tidak hanya untuk berkumpul dan sekadar reuni saja, tetapi juga saling mendukung untuk masa depan kita bersama, dan untuk anak-anak muda tunas bangsa negeri ini.”

Minarti Timur, Badminton player who won the Silver Medal in the 2000 Sydney Olympics

I began my journey into the world of badminton when I was in junior high school at Petra Christian School Embong Wungu, precisely in 1982. Moving into 1983, during my high school years at Petra 2 Christian High School, I started winning championships up to the provincial level. With numerous tournaments held outside the school, I had to seek permission several times. Despite maintaining discipline in my studies and achieving good grades, I am grateful that both the school and teachers never made it difficult for me; in fact, they supported me in achieving success.

After graduating from high school in 1986, I joined the national training center (pelatnas) to fully immerse myself in the world of badminton. One could say that my life journey has been filled with this beloved sport. Thank God, during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, I successfully won a silver medal in the mixed doubles category with Tri Kusharyanto. Currently, I am coaching young children in the Philippines in playing badminton.

In January 2012, it was a valuable experience to visit several Petra Christian School branches together with the IKAPETRA management during a character-building activity. Witnessing the immense enthusiasm from the children during the character education was remarkable. It was a good opportunity to share experiences and motivation with Petra’s students. Actually, character education is equally important as cognitive education, as it builds the mental and spiritual aspects of students. Just for information, education holds the top priority in the Philippines.

Furthermore, I hope that in the future, IKAPETRA can use alumni as motivation for younger children, encouraging them to progress and develop further. Joining IKAPETRA is not only for gatherings and reunions but also to support each other for our collective future and for the young minds, the future of our nation.