Rev. Petroes St. Soeryo – Alumni of Petra 2 Christian Senior High School, Manyar, Class of 1986

“Jika Anda ingin melihat bagaimana hasil pendidikan di Petra, lihatlah pada para alumninya, yang merupakan representasi dan testimoni dari hasil final pendidikannya.”

Pdt. Petroes St. Soeryo, Servant of God and school director at IPEKA in Jakarta

As an alumna, I acknowledge that the quality of education at PPPK Petra School is outstanding. This became evident when I pursued my studies at IPB. While many students struggled to adapt to the curriculum and learning patterns in higher education, I found it easy to follow lectures. Most students who excelled in their studies came from reputable schools in Jakarta or other major cities, and Petra was one of them.

Apart from the educational quality, attending Petra allowed me to meet inspiring educators, among them were Mrs. Ary Mulat and Mr. Budi. Both of these teachers took the initiative to appoint me to represent the school in the Teenage Scientific Work Competition. Behind the victory I achieved at that time, they were the ones who were truly remarkable, as they were teachers with the initiative to develop the potential of their students. Currently, I work as a servant of God and the school director at IPEKA in Jakarta. Meanwhile, my exemplary leadership figure is derived from my school principal, Mr. Michael Utomo. One day, I openly expressed a difference of opinion to him in front of teachers and students.

I myself was amazed and frightened recalling my courage at that time. However, the next day, when he called me to his office, his reaction was beyond my expectations. He welcomed me warmly, shook my hand, and said, “Petroes, there are few young people like you. Daring to express opinions and truths. I highly appreciate it. That’s extraordinary.” Until now, he remains a role model in my leadership.

If you want to see the results of education at Petra, look at its alumni, who are representations and testimonials of its final educational outcomes. Therefore, I support the formation of IKAPETRA, as it can be a platform to continue the legacy of PPPK Petra School. As its tagline says, “Unity for better life,” there are numerous potentials and benefits that we can obtain with the alumni numbering in the tens of thousands, whether in the form of educational funds, the exemplary conduct of alumni that can inspire PPPK Petra students, or synergy to become a blessing for the surrounding community and the nation of Indonesia.