Prof. Ir. Benyamin Lumantarna, M. Eng., Ph.D. – Alumni of Petra Christian High School, Embong Wungu

“Dengan image yang baik, IKAPETRA akan memiliki daya tariknya sendiri, sehingga mampu membuat para alumni yang tertarik bergabung, dan dari situlah networking IKAPETRA akan terbangun.”

Prof. Ir. Benyamin Lumantarna, M. Eng., Ph. D., Full Professor at Petra Christian University

During my high school years at Petra Christian High School Embong Wungu, I must admit that I was very pleased with the teaching approach of the teachers. Students were given the opportunity to learn and develop independently. I have been teaching Civil Engineering for quite some time, alongside my role as a consultant and involvement in various organizations. Currently, I am a full professor at Petra Christian University. From my experiences and the lessons I have learned, I believe that a good teacher is someone who can explain lessons clearly with a strong voice and present the material effectively. Additionally, they should serve as a role model in their attitude. For instance, a teacher of Religious Education should not only provide theoretical lessons but also teach love through actions. The application and exemplification by educators are what embed the essence of education in the lives of their students.

As an alum, I hope that in the future Petra Christian School can improve and develop its positive values further. In my opinion, in addition to teachers being role models, schools should also provide student-oriented education. My child, who received education abroad, experienced how the education system there was very helpful because it was student-oriented. Hopefully, Petra will become such a school in the future. Of course, it is crucial to provide “space” for students to develop independently so that they are not captivated by the abundance of facilitating facilities but rather use these facilities as stepping stones and motivation to progress. Success lies in how individuals follow God’s plans and guidance in their lives, by always giving their best effort, avoiding satisfaction, and constantly striving to become better.

I also congratulate the establishment of IKAPETRA, providing an opportunity for alumni to socialize with old friends, exchange experiences, and build networks. The board members should be open to each other and strive to do their best individually. Build a positive image for IKAPETRA with a well-thought-out strategy, and follow through with diligence and patience. With a positive image, IKAPETRA will have its own allure, capable of attracting interested alumni, and that’s where the IKAPETRA network will flourish.